A public forum is scheduled for Tuesday, Jan. 8 to revisit the issue of whether to end the use of the Skowhegan Indian mascot.

In December, the MSAD 54 school board agreed to the public forum to again discuss the retirement of the high school's mascot, which many members of the state's tribes find offensive and dehumanizing.

In 2015, the school board voted 11-9 to keep the mascot. Supporters of keeping the mascot say it is part of the town's tradition and meant to honor the native people who were the area's first residents.

The public forum will take place from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., at the Skowhegan Area Middle School located at 155 Academy Circle.

Nearly 30 schools in Maine have retired mascots based on native tribes. In 2006, the Old Town Indians became the Coyotes. Most recently, Wells High School in June removed all Native American imagery from its Warriors mascot.

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