We all know that there have been many movies set in New England. Just Boston, Massachusetts alone has had many movies filmed there as well as set in the city. Movies like "Ted," "Fever Pitch," "Mystic River," and "The Town" all take place in Boston.

However, Massachusetts is not the only place that writers, directors, and producers have chosen to film or set their movie in. Thanks to horror writer, Stephen King, we have seen a plethora of films and television adaptations of his work. Honestly, thanks to Stephen King's work, Maine may be the horror movie capital of New England.

Let's jump back to Massachusetts for a second...the movies that I listed above, of course are not known as horror movies, but that doesn't mean that Massachusetts is not the set of many horror movies. Events like the Salem Witch Trials have inspired many "horror" films to be set in MA.

Over the years, Halloween or horror films have been set all over New England. Whether you are looking for witches, zombies, or something else, there is bound to be a movie for any Halloween enthusiast set in New England.

If you want to watch something campy then you can choose to watch "Hocus Pocus" or "Hubie Halloween." Looking for something a little more freighting? Well, you can always turn off the flights and watch "The Conjuring" or "It."

Below you will find a list of 13 Halloween themed or horror movies with local ties that range from fun and campy to just creepy.

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