Ever wondered what Pennywise smells like? We want to know, but kinda don't.

Here's something for the Stephen King fan in your life. A New York company has created a line of scented soy melts themed after works from the King of Horror. Handmade by Book Burners Candle Company, the Stephen King line features four different scents. Cues from King's novel IT dominate most of the run of melts, with one nodding to The Shining.

The Stephen King line features:

  • Pennywise - "There a faint sound of rides and and hockers calling out different games, the smell of caramel popcorn makes you lean closer, the clown offers you a balloon, a twisted carnival beckoning you... before you're surrounded by rain water and pulled into the sewers where he dwells."
  • We All Float Down Here - "Can you resist the deadlights? The scents of driftwood and dark musk will make you feel as if you are trekking through the Barrens, preparing to go fight a monster you don't understand with your best friends. Hunt the monster, save your town."
  • Derry, Maine - "You may forget Derry, but Derry will never forget you. Can you escape this seemingly normal town hiding a terrible past? The scents of Teakwood and leather will remind you of researching old horrors in a small town library, while the smoke sneaks up to you, like the memory of a long ago fire where many people lost their lives. Will you return home?"
  • Overlook Hotel - "Welcome to the Overlook Hotel. Enjoy your stay in room 217. The cold mountain pine and dry gin ill make you wonder if it's the place or the alcohol causing your head to spin. But by the time you stat seeing things... it's already too late."

We're thankful to see Pennywise isn't sewer scented. Our only critique is Derry, aka Bangor, could use a hint of pine.

Stephen King Through The Years


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