Becoming a regular at The Skin Room in Ellsworth, nothing brings me more joy than looking forward to visiting with Lauren, the owner of The Skin Room. This time around she treated me to my second facial, like ever.

I'm pretty new to the pampering, skin-caring life that The Skin Room provides and I'm starting to become pretty comfortable with this lifestyle. Most importantly, the visits to The Skin Room have made me realized something that I've really come to appreciate- the skin I'm in.

Townsquare Media Bangor, Sarah Nickerson
Townsquare Media Bangor, Sarah Nickerson

The time I have spent with Lauren and the crew at The Skin Room have brought attention to finding a wait to treat my body with some love, which was never a thing that I prioritized or appreciated before.

Lauren treated me with my second facial. The first one was a way to dip my toe in the waters of what a facial was all about- an hour of massage and serums and cleansing. Very relaxing but strange for someone who knew nothing about the process.

My second time around, I knew what to expect and had been looking forward to it for weeks. It was just as relaxing as the first time but Lauren added a few things to this visit to take my facial to the next level.

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Lauren started the facial with a double cleanse and some essential oils. Next, a relaxing message to get the blood flowing with a gentle enzyme bubble bath on my face and a melting moisturizer. Next up was a professional application of the jelly mask, which are featured in The Skin Room's monthly specialty boxes. These jelly masks offer a variety of purposes for you to choose from. For my facial, Lauren choose the hyaluronic acid jelly mask and it was delightful.

After peeling off the jelly mask, she used cold globes to soothe my skin. That sounds weird, but is one of the highlights of the facial process. She wrapped up my facial by applying a moisturizer and SPF to keep my glow while out in the sun.

It was another outstanding experience with Lauren and the crew at The Skin Room and now it's time to get yours. Go to to book your facial or contact The Skin Room to chat about gifting a gift certificate for that special person that you think needs a little more appreciation of the skin they're in.

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