If anyone in the world deserves our help, it's veterans. How many times have we heard the tails of veterans coming back home and struggling with the transition back to civilian life? These men and women literally risk their lives and time away from their families for the benefit of all of our freedom, and they come home and sometimes struggle to get jobs, find a home, or even just make it through a day.

Thankfully, organizations like Veterans Count exist to help those veterans that deserve way better treatment. And the best part is that they have fun with it. Sure, you can just straight-up donate on their website, but doesn't it sound way more fun to rappel from the side of a 10-story building to do some good for the vets?

Veterans Count Maine presents Over The Edge

That's EXACTLY what's going down on Saturday, June 19, in downtown Portland. The Maine chapter of Veterans Count is putting on their Over The Edge event, where you can register to rappel down the KeyBank building on Canal Street. It doesn't necessarily cost you anything, but Veterans Count looks for you to do some fundraising for your rappel, which is how you cruising (safely) down a 10-story building provides help and aid to veterans in need.

What's different about Veterans Count

Jeff Pierce, the Vice Chairman of the Veterans Count Maine Board, pointed out that Veterans Count really "fills in the gaps where other veterans organizations have left off."

What attracted me to Veterans Count is the fact that if you raised your hand to serve our nation, Veterans Count will find a way to help, with 90 cents of every dollar donated going to help a Maine veteran.

If you're looking for a last-minute Father's Day gift since Father's Day is the day after the Over the Edge event, maybe this is it. Sure, you can buy him a coffee mug or scratch tickets, but wouldn't it be a better, more memorable, lasting gift to do something outside the box like channeling your inner Spider-Man or action movie hero and rappelling down a building, all while doing some good and helping out veterans?

Click here to register for the annual Veterans Count Over the Edge event, which again, is on Saturday, June 19 at the KeyBank building on Canal Street in Portland.

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