Salty Brick Market has opened at 35 Main Street in downtown Bangor.

Talk about a soft opening. One minute the door was locked and closed, and then it wasn’t.  Welcome.

James Gallagher is the owner. Sound familiar? He also owns Bangin’ Whoopie down the street.

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The plan was to open last month, but you know the drill by now. Supply chain issues for building materials. And other delays.

However it opened last weekend, and all’s good going forward.

Salty Brick Market. Interesting name, right? Step inside.

Welcome to downtown. Where should you be wanting snacks or basic groceries or sodas or beer and wine they have you covered.

Any guesses what the number one selling item might be?

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And for those living right downtown one less occasion to have to get into the car when ‘a need’ hits you.

There are plans to add things to the market, and soon. Breakfast sandwiches. Coffee bar. Salad bar.

More beer? I kid.

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