Lobster Festivals and a Maine summer seem to go hand and hand.   However how many come with and up close and personal with Neptune and the Sea Goddesses?  Only the Rockland Lobster Festival as far as we know and it starts on Wednesday and runs through Sunday the 6th.

On Wednesday they will kick the event into gear with the official ribbon cutting ceremony at the Main Gate followed immediately by the arrival of King Neptune and his court, along with Adrianna Elaine Ames, the 2016 Maine Sea Goddess, arrive on the main dock from the briny deep to raise the flag and officially open the 2017 Maine Lobster Festival.

This Festival along with lots of lobster they boast:

  • Easy parking with free shuttle service to all the action
  • A huge midway with rides and games
  • Parades
  • All You Can Eat Blueberry Pancake Breakfast each day
  • Live Music
  • Special kids demonstrations and storytellers
  • A wine and beer tasting
  • Hot Air Balloon Rides
  • A Seafood Cooking Contest
  • Laser Light Shows
  • A 5K Run/Walk
  • Cod Fish Carry and Lobster Eating competition
  • Crate Races

Admissions vary given the day you go and what you want to do.  See schedule here.


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