If your kids like dinosaurs, plan a road trip to Kennebunport, because they will LOVE this event!!

Summer offically starts on Wednesday, and sunshine is coming with it, so now is the time to start planning road trip activities that the whole family can enjoy. An excurison to one of the most beautiful spots in Maine, might be exactly what you need to get over this rainy weather.

Join Seashore Trolley Museum, in beautiful Kennebunkport, Maine for "Dino Trolley", which will be held, this Saturday/Sunday, June 24th-25th and then once again, Saturday/ Sunday, August 12th-13th

Rides on the Dino Trolley depart from the Visitors Center at 9:45AM,10:30AM, 11:15AM, 12:00PM, 12:45PM, 1:30PM, 2:15PM and 3:00PM.

Dino Trolleys will be decked out with safari/jungle themed decorations so guests and families can get in the mood!

You can also check out the visitors center for even more fun activities.

Here is what is going on:

Dino Quest! Search for dinosaurs along your trolley ride. 20 2D cut-out dinosaurs will be hidden in the woods along the railway

Dino Big Dig! Search for dinosaur bones hidden in Seashore's very own archeological dig site!

Dino Egg Hunt! Search for dinosaur eggs across their campus! Redeem your eggs in the "craft room" for a prize!

Let's Explore Dinosaurs! A fun scavenger hunt, where you can learn more about different types of dinosaurs and stamp your dino passport along the way. Families with a fully stamped dino passport get to enter for a chance to win a free 2023 family membership

Frozen Fossil! Snow cones with a dino gummy surprise at the bottom!

Craft in a Bag! Make it at the event or take it home with you!

Photo Station! Take a photo with your group or family to remember the day at the dino-themed photo station.

Enjoy ther Museum! Explore three carhouses filled with beautiful, restored trolleys and several other transit artifacts around the outdoor campus!


Trolley Museum Admission to Dino Trolley will be:

Admission for ages 3 and up: $13.00
Kids Under 3 Free

Seashore Trolley Museum is located at 195 Log Cabin Rd, Kennebunkport

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