Live music & fireworks? Let's hit the road Z Nation!

Motor Booty Affair has been tearing it up for years as Maine's premier party band. I defy you to go a show and not get down and boogie to their mix of 70's and 80's funk, r&b, and disco classics. It's a great night out, and they really get the party started, not only with the music, but they fully embrace the experience, because they dress up in some very groovy attire that is befitting of the era.

With things getting back to some sort of normal, we can now enjoy the pleasure of live music once again, and we can gather together and travel the state of Maine, which is awesome, because I can only speak for me, but I have left Bangor just once in 14 months, and I am ready to GO!

Cook's Lobster & Ale House, located at 68 Garrison Cove, on beautiful Bailey Island, is throwing a huge party. on Saturday, July 3rd, at 7pm, with the one and only Motor Booty Affair, rocking out, with a huge fireworks display to follow. They are actually giving staff the night off so they can enjoy the show and fun, but there will be a food truck there to get treats, and of course, a cash bar to enjoy some refreshing cocktails.

Tickets are for sale at Cook's website and Eventbrite. If you are worried about social distancing, they have a large outdoor area on the point, so there will be plenty of room to relax, and most importantly, dance!

Go to to get more info on this fun 4th of July event.

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