Going out to eat is pretty much my favorite thing to do in the world. In my top 5, anyway. And I've also said on many occasions, that I will happily pay large sums of money for really good meals. And honestly, if you throw excellent service on top of that, I will pretty much dump my wallet on the table.

It came as no shock to me when I saw this article at TSheets.com, stating that Maine pretty much topped the list of tippers all across the country. The national average is just over 17%, but Mainers are leaving well nearly 20% on the average bill. As opposed to Tennessee, where they only leave around 16%.

The thing is, you can make a solid living if you are a good server. I know folks who live in southern Maine who have Master's degrees and such, that just never gave up their job waiting tables, because the entry level pay in their field of study would mean about a $20k a year pay cut. Not to mention, you don't always have to work a 40 hour week as a server to make that kind of money. Although, the flip side is that you give up pretty much every weekend night for the rest of your life.

Another time we can get into the disparity between a cook's pay and a server's pay. That's not the point here. What I do love, is that we live in a state that is certainly not the wealthiest state in the country, yet here we are showing the rest of the country how to show appreciation to hard working folks. To me, that's the real take away....Mainers do it best!

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