Hey, Jim...it's summertime in Maine again, so we have an idea!!

Back in 2019, Amazon Prime Video streamed a stand-up comedy show, featuring the very funny, Jim Gaffigan. Nothing unusual there, since comedians have put out specials over just about every streaming service on a regular basis, but he caught our attention when he based one of his bits around his appearance in Bangor.

Gaffigan performed at the Cross Insurance Center in Bangor, back in 2018, and I guess we made some kind of impression on him since he teased Mainers who told him that he should come back during the summer to visit, you know because our winters kinda suck.

Talk about timing! It just so happens that the summer solstice will officially arrive, this coming Tuesday morning at 5:14 am. so we have a proposition for you, Mr. Jim Gaffigan!

Apparently, we are on his mind, because it turns out that he recently re-posted that particular comedy bit on his TikTok, so with that in mind, we would like to personally invite Jim and his family to come back to Maine and visit sometime this summer.

Just think about it Jim, we can give you a tour of the area, hit Stephen King's house on West Broadway, maybe take a road trip to Bar Harbor, and have some delicious seafood, possibly check out the Bangor State Fair

And of course, you are more than welcome to come sit in on all of the Townsquare Media morning shows and hang out with us.

Think it over! Maybe we will see you here before the cold settles back in.

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