It's a new year and new laws have taken effect nationwide.  It's time to take a look at what other states are implementing that Maine should definitely take a look at adopting in 2020.

Colorado's Red Flag Law

Actually, not just Colorado, but also Hawaii and Nevada should be included on this list as well where these state's have just started red flag laws that allow for temporary removal of firearms from people who are dangerous to themselves or others.  This is judge ordered.

This law would allow intervention prior to what could become a tragic event.  Maine has seen too many domestic tragedies for there not to be a Red Flag Law.  Just, give women and children a chance, will ya.



Illinois' Marijuana Law

The State of Illinois has not only allowed the growing of recreational cannabis to become lawful but the Governor has also pardoned low-level (11,000, to be exact) marijuana convictions and cleared these convictions off of people's records.

It's time for Maine to get up-to-date with where our societal problems really are and people carrying around 30 grams of weed isn't one of them and shouldn't effect them getting a job or in other way.


California's Internet User Privacy Law

The internet is the wild west right now and I don't want my kids' future to be effed because we aren't protecting ourselves now.  The State of California has the toughest data privacy law in the U.S. and the Federal government isn't planning on doing anything about our privacy any time soon.

With these new privacy laws, California consumers can opt out of your personal information being sold by companies.  We can now also sue a company who gets breached and didn't take reasonable security practices to protect my information.

New York's Ending Cash Bail Laws
Misdemeanors and nonviolent felonies will no longer have cash bail.  This move will actually result in nearly half of the State's inmates being released from pretrial detention.  Let's face it bail is a way to punish someone for being poor, and Maine needs to call BS on that crap.

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