It's Maine in the summer and that means iconic Lobster Boat Racing.

Maine Lobster Boat Racing is an annual event held in various coastal towns in Maine during the summer months. According to Maine-ly lobster, the lobster boat racing tradition started in the early 1900s when lobster fishermen started to race their boats to show off their boats, speed and skill.

The races in Maine take place in the summer months of July and August.

Maine Lobster Boat Racing has grown to become a very popular attraction. Mainers look forward to attending the races ever year!

Fans of Maine Lobster Boat Racing posted the upcoming race schedule here. 

This events celebrate the amazing history of lobster fishing in Maine and the skill and expertise of the fishermen who show off their experience along the scenic coast.

The list below shows you the 2023 schedule of where the boat races will be this summer!

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