Virginia Oliver is someone who is unforgettable. Virginia has been introduced on many different media stations and featured recently on News Center Maine for her phenomenal life that is only getting better.

She is beloved in Maine and has been dubbed, "The Lobster Lady."

At 102 years old she is ready for another season of trapping and fishing for lobster. She get's down and dirty and doesn't mind the hard labor, according to News Center Maine. Here is a YouTube video of her in action brought to you by News Center Maine.

According to News Center Maine, she has gained attention throughout the nation, side by side with her 79-year-old son Max. Together, they make it all happen and they're not stopping anytime soon.

They have both renewed their licenses this year to be out on the water. They fish on a boat, fittingly named, "Virginia" in Rockland, Maine, as the article shows.
Lobster Lady via YouTube News Center Maine

Nothing is stopping Virginia on this beautiful adventure she is on and she will continue to work hard. She is approaching her 102nd birthday, in June, as the article says. 

This is so very encouraging to women and fisher people everywhere. An article was put out recently Maine Public Radio on how women are creating more of a presence in the lobster industry.

The article highlights two women that have jumped into the lobster world with zero fears. They are taking over the industry and one woman, Sadie Samuels, lobster fisher women is a warrior and she is very comfortable with this risky business. As the article states, 

..Samuels leaves the dock and steers the boat through the tight harbor. "I'm more comfortable driving around out here than I am driving down the street in a car," she says.

The representation we're seeing with females in this industry is motivational to say the least.

Different generations at conquering those glass ceilings, one lobster at a time.

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