If you turn on the show Thursday, he'll be "Right Thurr"

Hip-Hop star Chingy will join Kid & Sarah on the Z Morning Show, this coming Thursday! We'll chat with him about his upcoming performance on the "I Love The 2000's" tour, which makes a big stop here in Bangor, at the Cross Insurance Center, on Friday night, April 20th!

He toured as an opening act with Nelly in the summer of 2002 and then became a protégé of Ludacris, who signed him to his record label. The rapper's 2003 summer debut single, "Right Thurr" was a huge hit, peaking t number 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Chingy's 2003 debut album, Jackpot, sold two million copies, thanks to the boost from "Right Thurr". Chingy's other big singles are "One Call Away" and "Balla Baby"

Chingy signed to the Universal Music Group distributed label Bungalo Records last year, so we will be sure to ask him about upcoming new music!

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