Maine citizen's have spoken and voting via ranked-choice voting will be tested this political season.  With it's use being put to the test very soon, you can get educated on the ins and outs of ranked-choice voting to be sure your vote is exactly what you intend.

The Bangor Public Library is hosting a presentation from Maine Secretary of State Matt Dunlap May 15th from 4 P.M. - 6 P.M. on how it works and also to address any questions that you may have on the new voting system.

Sample RCV Ballot    Credit:

Secretary Dunlap is doing a series of meetings throughout the State of Maine to ensure citizen's are informed and to start practicing the new voting system for the primaries set in June.  He started his series in Biddeford on Monday and will be traveling through Bangor (May 15th), Presque Isle (May 21) and Lewiston (May 29th).

Secretary Dunlap will also be doing a Q&A on ranked-choice voting on the Secretary of State's Facebook page via a Facebook LIVE on May 24th.

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For more information on ranked-choice voting, check out the Secretary of State's Resources for Ranked-Choice Voting page on the .gov website.

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