With all that is going on lately, it seems like it's almost too much to comprehend that President of the United States is coming to the heartland of Maine for a day . But he is, and here's what he'll be doing and when he will be doing it.

White House officials detailed the President's visit today in a conference call with reporters from Maine yesterday, and here's what we can expect.

Air Force One will land at the Bangor International Airport sometime around 1:50 this afternoon.  The President will then attend a fisherman's forum there at the airport that will last about 30 minutes or so.

It's then expected that the President will board Marine One, his Presidential helicopter, for the 45 mile trip to Guildford.  Below is a video posted to Facebook of Marine One and various other military aircraft as they were practicing landing and taking off this week in the Guilford area.  He will then take his Presidential limousine and motorcade to Puritan Medical Products.

When he arrives, the President will meet with the employees of Puritan Medical Products and tour the facility.  As you know by now, Puritan Medical Products produces high quality medical swabs, which are now being used to test people for COVID-19.  Puritan also recently received  $75.5 million in federal money to expand to a second facility in Pittsfield.

There is no official departure time when it comes to leaving the small town of Guilford, but the President is expected to depart Bangor International Airport sometime around 5:30 this afternoon.

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