Hackers tried to exhort money from a Portland Restaurant.

Central Provisions had their Instagram deleted by hackers who were demanding money. Central Provisions refused to cave in to the bullies and they retaliated by deleting their Instagram account. The public found out from the sister restaurant Tipo's Instagram account which was not compromised.

It's just so frustrating and for a restaurant, devastating. As they mention, 8 years worth of pictures and 22k followers! That is a valuable asset for a restaurant. You might just choose to eat at a place based on the pics on their Instagram account!

The kick in the nuggets is that there is no real customer service for the giant Facebook Instagram machine. No recourse for something so ridiculous. The bad guys win. The big scary 'who us' bad guys.

Central Provisions is an award-winning restaurant that has found itself in Bon Appétit magazine. It just sucks to be hacked like this. The website Make Use Of describes how to prevent a hack and what you will need to do if you are hacked. Of course, you report it to Instagram. They have done that but have heard nothing back. If you do hear back here is part of what you will be asked to do.

When you reach out to the Support team, you will receive an automated response requiring you to verify your identity. Users are asked for the following:


  • A photograph of yourself holding a handwritten code they’ve provided you with.
  • The email address or phone number linked to your account, as well as the device used when signing up.

That almost sounds fake that you have to send a picture of yourself holding up the code they give you. Central Provisions is asking for help from the public. Do any tech-savvy folks know what to do when an account has been hacked and deleted? They are asking that you DM them. Good luck Central Provisions.

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