Thursday, is National Lasagna Day, so let's get ahead of the curve and pick our number one place here in the Bangor area!

If I was hard-pressed to answer the question of what my favorite thing to eat was, chances are it would involve some sort of pasta dish. I love it all, but one particular entree stands head and shoulders above the rest. It is a fantastic dish that doesn't always get its due.

I don't even need to vote, because my mother makes the best lasagna in the entire world, but since this upcoming Thursday, is National Lasagna Day, we figured it would be the perfect time to have an online poll to determine who does it best, right here in the Bangor area.

Tomato sauce, cheeses, meat, and veggies, separated by wide flat noodles. How can you not love it? People eat it in lots of different ways (including those of you who are vegetarians) but we would like to know which Bangor area establishment serves it up best.

In the interest of keeping things local, we excluded places like Olive Garden, and Pizzeria Uno, who both do a fine job, I always enjoy The Tour of Italy at the OG, so if you would like to vote for them, that's ok too.

Maybe you are the type that doesn't like to dine out, and would prefer to do it yourself at home, well, we found a few DIY videos where you can make it from scratch.

Vote for your favorite, and Happy National Lasagna Day!

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