Not only did we get a ton of votes, as you can imagine, there were a ton of strong opinions too.

Everyone is wondering what's next for Bangor's club scene? There are a few spots in town where you can go and get your groove on, but for the last nine months, nothing new has opened that is strictly a current Top 40 dance club catering to a younger part of Bangor's nightlife.

Last week, we asked the question, "Would You Like To See A New Dance Club Open in Bangor?" All the votes have been cast, and "Yes" was the runaway winner with 74%!

Yes! We need some new nightlife in town

No! There have been too many issues in the past

In this day and age, no one holds back with their thoughts on social media, so here are some of the comments our listeners shared with us:

Beckie Hebert
There needs to be another Bounty...that was the best dance club in the entire area EVER

Todd Fullerton
Only if it's a honky tonk!!!

Kitty A Tambling
Yes! I’m not young anymore, but I can’t imagine being young and single without a good dance venue.

Brigette Williamson
The only “club” I want is a Costco

Debbie A. Brountas
Bangor's newest club, Queen City Cinema Club, is cutting edge w/it's menu, music, and vibe. Josh and crew have done a phenomenal job.

Mike Thomas
Shut em all down

Ashley Bragdon
I think bangor needs to deal with the severe drug issues and homeless people on the streets before they worry about a dance club. How many fights and gun shots went off at half acre when it was there? Add the unreal amount of drugs in the area...... not a good idea.
I'd be all for a dance club but doesn't seem safe at all at the moment

Amber Cooper
Hell. No.

Jim Scott
I thought that diamonds was the only dance club we need

Sheila M Wentworth
A dance club would be great! I see people saying that we have other problems to solve. Yes, we do but that has nothing to do with whether we should have a dance club

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