Where would you rather see a show? Inquiring minds want to know.

We are beyond blessed here in Bangor, to say the least. We have not one, but two killer venues to see some of the best live music acts anywhere. If you were given a chance to see your favorite artist, which place would you choose?

I have had the enormous pleasure of seeing the legendary Elton John at the Cross Insurance Center, back in 2017, and it was a perfect night. On the other hand, I could not believe that I was lucky enough to walk right down the street from where I live, and get to see Van Halen in 2016. That memory is even more special now, since the world lost Eddie Van Halen, back in October of 2020.

I have enjoyed shows from Stone Temple Pilots, The Beach Boys, Heart, The J.Geils Band, and many more. The Waterfront is a pretty cool place to be, for sure. Although it may take me a while to remember that it is now called Maine Savings Amphitheater.

Each place has something that makes it a great place to see a show. On a hot summer night, being outside with thousands of people, checking out a concert is amazing (unless it rains, of course) but it is a seasonal location. The Cross Insurance Center hosts a huge variety of different types of performances and sporting events too, so it is a very versatile facility.

We have been fortunate to give away hundreds of tickets to both of these fine venues, but for kicks, we would like to know your choice, so vote!

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