The York Country Sherrif's Office is asking Mainers for help in tracking down some criminals who are most foul.

Yes, that right...some hooligans stole a "Welcome to Maine" sign.

The sign, located on Route 109 in Acton, was recently taken with very little public evidence, other than these images of the truck.

I have no idea how you identify this truck. This looks like one of a billion of the same truck. And, as Bob Marley has taught us all, literally everyone in Maine has a truck.

Also, the term "large sign" was used. It makes you wonder how long it took these Bonnie and Clyde-types to confiscate the what looks like broad freaking daylight.

And were there really no witnesses? Nobody driving by thought for one second that this might be a little suspicious. Do people think it's normal when an unmarked truck just casually stops, and a bunch of cats get out to remove a sign? We aren't exactly talking about a Maine Department of Transportation truck here.

I'm trying not to be too harsh on the unidentified suspects, because I am getting dangerously close to hypocrisy. Full disclosure...a young Chris Sedenka would have possibly cheered these lunatics on, because a young Chris Sedenka may or may not have stolen a few signs during his college years.

However, this isn't about a young and awesome dumb Chris Sedenka. This is about some rapscallions that think it's okay to steal a sign that properly welcomes people home or visitors to our wonderful state.

Maybe the culprits just really hate tourists and don't want them to realize they have actually found Maine? In that case, should it even count as a robbery, or do we classify them as heroes? It would basically be a kind of Bizzaro Robin Hood scenario.

No matter the cause, it's probably best they just return the sign where they found it. It's good to have rules. And it's good to follow them, generally speaking.

All kidding aside, if you do have any info, send it along to the York County Sheriff's Office at

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