Just in time for the spookiest holiday of all, Husson University will broadcast a live-stream of Edgar Alan Poe's haunting story, "The Tell-Tale Heart",  this Friday.

The show, which will sound very much like a 1940's radio drama-complete with sounds effects, will be performed by a cast of Husson University students. Husson, with the help of it's New England School of Communications, has been doing these live broadcasts every Halloween for the past 11 years. And while this year may be a little different, in that there won't be a live audience in the mix, it's still set to be a thrilling experience.

According to a statement put out by Husson's Director of Communications, this is something the whole family can enjoy:

"First published in 1843, this story is a terrifying tale of the supernatural that’s suitable for both younger and older audiences who enjoy a good scare."

"The Tell-Tale Heart" director, and NESCOM instructor, Ken Stack, said he's been very impressed with how Husson's student performers have managed to produce such a thrilling show in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.


“All of the performers will be wearing masks and observing physical distancing during the radio broadcast,” said Stack. “The extra precautions we are taking to protect the health of our Husson University students, however, won’t be apparent to anyone listening to the program."

The broadcast will take place this Friday at 7:30PM, originating from Husson's Gracie Theatre, and airing live on Husson's/NESCOM's radio station,  89.3FM, WHSN.


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