It's time to work out, and Mask Up Maine!

All Planet Fitness locations across the United States will begin a face mask requirment beginning this Saturday, August 1st. The New Hampshire based natinal chain is excercising it's right (no pun intened) to keep it's workers and clients safe and healthy as the COVID-19 pandemic rages on, into it's 5th month,

Let's hope that people will abide by this and we don't see the incidents that are popping up all over the country, including an altercation in Orono and Rockland recently. It's certianly within the rights of Planet Fintess to impliment this mandate to their customers. Of course this a little different than asking to mask up while entering a store, or restaurant, because it involves working out, sweating, and for some people this may simply not be possible.

Planet Fitness has 11 locations here in the state of Maine, with gyms in Auburn, Augusta, Biddeford, Falmouth, Portland, Rockland, Sanford, Waterville, Westbrook, Windham, and in here in Bangor, 635 Broadway, in the Broadway Shopping Center.

If you have been reluctant to return to activities such as heading back to the gym, as with most bussiness, they are going to great lengths to ensure safety. Planet Fitness now offers a touchless check in, and you can even track the amount of customers in the gym with your phone before ou enter.

Maine has been tredning in the right direction in the last several weeks. Numbers are down, and social distancing seems to be working quite well here in the state, so that's even more reason to not let up now. Wearing a mask anywhere that has high numbers of people will even further the goal of keeping postive cases trending down.

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