Dominoes has a marketing genius in their midsts because it has been shockingly announced that Dominoes is partnering with cities to help in maintaining roads for optimal pizza delivery outcomes.

The pizza chain won't be fixing the roads themselves but will pay to fix potholes for certain cities across the nation.  They are taking nominations for cities in need of this help in exchange for Dominoes to place a logo on the filled in pothole.  A few of the cities that have benefited from this program include Burbank, California, Athens, Georgia, Milford, Deleware, and Bartonville, Texas.

Video still MLive via YouTube
Video still MLive via YouTube

The program is called Paving for Pizza.  Nominate your town now at  You will need to enter your zip code and email in order to nominate your town.  But choose carefully- only one nomination per email address.

What Maine town doesn't need this?  Now, be aware that you are nominating a city/town and not a street.

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