A social post that caught my eye recently seems to be on the forefront of my mind as I check in to see that a poor stuffy belonging to a young boy named Lincoln is still missing.

Monday around noon a plea went out on Facebook asking to see if anybody has spotted a lost puppy, a stuffed one that is, around the Bradley area.

This is unusual search, however, because the stuffy became lost by floating off with a balloon.

Apparently, the stuffy wasn't light enough to keep the balloon grounded and took the black puppy on an adventure in the Bradley, Maine area.

The balloon has "Congratulations" on it and it and the pup took flight Sunday around noontime. There's a very upset kiddo who needs his stuffy back.



The winds were blowing lightly southeast for Sunday afternoon then southwest-ish in the evening on Sunday. I wouldn't think it would be able to go very far. So here is where I think we should be searching. Go forth and bring this stuffy back to its owner, Maine!

Google Maps with alterations
Google Maps with alterations

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