WABI-TV 5 is reporting that Lincoln's Penobscot Valley Hospital is cutting positions including 7 that were currently vacant positions but, also, 10 more jobs that are currently filled.

This comes as the hospital implements a hiring freeze on further hiring in the facility.

The hospital has endured several losses in jobs throughout the years- 10 in 2016, 5 in 2017.  A press release was sent out by the hospital last summer that gives you an understanding of why jobs keep getting cut for this hospital.  In June 2017, it was reported the hospital lost 26% of inpatient revenue and 2% of it's outpatient revenues.

The hospital explains these losses were due to "decreasing population, fewer people with commercial insurance, non-expansion of Medicaid" and inability for those treated to afford the high costs of medical care using insurance with high deductibles.

It is unknown what positions have been cut and whether these positions are cut temporarily or permanent.


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