The Crown Vics want you!

This Saturday in Ellsworth, local band "The Crown Vics" are seeking background actors dressed to the nines in their finest 80's attire. You can come be a diner patron at Martha's Diner, or an arcade player at Finelli Pizza.

Get out your 80's rock band T's, high waisted jeans, skin-tight OR baggy “MC Hammer” pants, leg warmers, miniskirts, and jean jackets. Lots of color is the look they are going for!. Don't forget huge earrings, fingerless gloves, "Members Only" jackets, stretch-stirrup pants and over-sized tops. Come as you are, they will have staff to dress you up for the fun.

The Crown Vics are filming their third Official Video "Still Got A Mullet" off the "Hell Yeah" album with Director, Mike Perlman.

Interested extras are asked to meet at the Reny's parking lot at 12 noon on March 17th. Make sure you have plenty of free time, because shooting a music video can be a lengthy preocess.

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