With the ice and snow season pretty much gone at this point, construction season is upon us, Maine.

We can now start to expect work on all of those cracks and crevices, potholes and frost heaves now until the start of next season's snowfall. In fact, we can start seeing roadwork on I95 starting now.

Roadwork Between Waterville and Pittsfield

Starting Monday, May 2nd, the Maine Department of Transportation will be doing some paving work and safety improvement for the stretch of I95 between Waterville and Pittsfield. The Maine DOT is stating this will affect 18 miles of both the north- and south-bound sides, near Exit 127 in Waterville and the Johnson Flat Road overpass in Pittsfield.

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What's our timeline with this roadwork?

With roadwork beginning now, those taking northbound and southbound lanes of I95 between Pittsfield and Waterville can expect roadwork all construction season long, from now until November 18th.

It is expected that daytime lane closures will be happening through the month of May to June 24th. Nighttime closures are expected from June 24th through to Labor Day. Daytime lane closures will start back up after Labor Day.

TL; DR: It'll be a long year of traveling this stretch of road.

What's coming our way for Maine DOT projects

For the latest in work plans, check out the 2022 plans scheduled for the next three years by the Maine Department of Transportation. The plan has an extensive introduction and lists municipalities per county in alphabetical order.  You can use this plan to see what is coming in your area this year or in the next three years.

Stay safe and mind your patience this summer with the I95 paving we have planned this year.

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