There are a number of things that are certain with the coming of the spring months: allergies will start to act up, thanks to pollen in the air. Bugs will start to increase in numbers, thanks to the warmer temperature. And the Bangor Humane Society will see an influx of kittens, as it always does in the springtime.

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With that influx of kittens comes an increase in the need for materials to feed and care for these little cuties.

Valeriy Volkonskiy
Valeriy Volkonskiy

That's why the BHS, which helps care for hundreds of kittens a year, is putting the word out through its Facebook Page, that they need "kitten supplies" like food, litter pans, and specialized kitten food. This specialized food is administered with specific tools, like a miracle nipple, which they are also asking for, through dontaions.

"We could really use donations of Kitten Milk Replacement (KMR); MIRACLE NIPPLE for kittens, which can be found on our Amazon wishlist); canned baby food (meat based); traditional kitty litter for foster care; small litter pans; and soft cat beds for pregnant or nursing mama cats.?"

You can view their entire wishlist by clicking here.

Martin Poole

Whether you put together donations as an individual or family or you gather supplies or funds with some co-workers or members of a civic organization, all donations can be dropped off at 693 Mt. Hope Avenue in Bangor.

For more information on how to help, you can call the Bangor Humane Society at (207) 942-8902 or find them online at

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