A passerby knocked on a door to alert the occupant that his mobile home was on fire.

According to the Facebook page for the Etna Volunteer Fire and Rescue Association, the person's quick thinking likely saved the man and his dog from harm. When officials received the call about the fire at 65 Family Circle, just before 4:00 Monday afternoon, they learned that the man was outside the trailer, but the dog was still inside. At some point, the dog was able to escape unharmed.

When crews arrived, there were flames coming out of three walls and the roof. Firefighters were able to save the back portion of the trailer, where the bedroom is located, but the structure was a total loss. There was a propane tank at the back of the building, so crews avoided a much bigger problem by stopping the flames before they reached it.

Etna Fire received mutual aid from several surrounding communities and were able to knock the fire down within minutes. The State Fire Marshal's Office will now investigate to try and determine how the fire started.

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