We found an out-of-stater who actually likes Moxie!

A young man who as a YouTube channel called “Phoenix Does Things” that features videos of him trying out various foods and commenting on them.

On a recent trip to Maine in the Portland and Capitol Island area, he decided to try some of the food and beverages that the Pine Tree State is famous for. His journey starts at the fantastic, Duck Fat Frites Shack in Portland, then it’s off to Gorgeous Gelato, which if you ever find yourself near there, you MUST try. And no trip to Maine is complete without sampling Wicked Whoopie Pies! Then it’s off to Boothbay Harbor to try crab meat sushi, lobster rolls, and clam chowder, which he didn’t care for (I’m with ya on that one buddy.)

The last part of the video features various Maine-made products, including our pal Simcox! The verdict is in, Todd’s Medium Salsa is deliciously sweet & spicy, just like Todd himself. The amazing part is that he chases it with Maine’s love it or hate it beverage, Moxie. I always love the expression on the face of people when they get their first sip, and turns out that the kid loved it...wish I could say the same.

He also tried Blueberry Soda Maine Root, lemonade, and best of all, the amazingly tasty Harbor Bars, one vanilla and one coffee flavored ice cream bars from Bar Harbor.

All in all, it seems like this young fella enjoyed his trip to Maine, and loved our most famous exports!

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