The people at Vanity of Maine on Instagram are our go-to when it comes to finding the best vanity license plates in the Pine Tree State. How much can you get across (and get away with) in just SEVEN characters?

Did you know there's an easy way to try out YOUR idea for a Maine vanity plate? Check it out! 

Here's what we came up with:


OK, here are this week's finds:

Total Maine. Yesssssahhhh!!!


This dude is just happy all the time. Wooohoooooo, indeed!



Probably our fave of the week. This person could have hidden their Mass-hole-ness under the guise of their Maine license plate. But did they? NO. They proudly go out of their way to flaunt it. Take our advice and stay 200 feet back from this motorist!



With the MLB season opening this week, we had to get a Red Sox vanity plate in here. GO SOX! Yesah! Woohooooo!



Lastly, we are always so proud to see how you get your favorite bands on your plates. Nice one, Deadhead.





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