The original version is finally heard!

As we approach the second anniversary of Prince's tragic death this Saturday, April 21st, his estate and Warner Brothers had a rare treat for fans, the original 1984 demo version of the now classic tune "Nothing Compares 2 U"

The track was originally written for the group "The Family" which was one of Prince's many side projects, it never became a massive smash, until 1990, when Sinead O'Connor had a massive number one hit with her cover version of the song.

On Prince's official Vevo channel, they posted a video of the song that features amazing, never seen before 1984 rehearsal footage from the Flying Cloud Drive Warehouse, in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, where Prince was putting his band through rigorous preparation for their upcoming tour for the album and movie that dominated that whole year, "Purple Rain"

Nearly two years since his passing, fans haven't heard much of the rumored thousands of unreleased songs that sit in the now infamous "Vault" waiting to see the light of day, due to legal battles.

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