Send a little taste of the Pine Tree State for the holidays!

If you are looking to think "outside the box" this Christmas, you can put your love of Maine to good use with a Box of Maine"

Box Of Maine was created for anyone that misses their time spent in Maine. The boxes are filled with iconic Maine items that will bring back fond memories of our great state, and will remind the Mainiacs at heart just what they have been missing.

Each box can contain up to 10 items, include iconic Maine food items like Whoopie Pies, Maine maple products, wild Maine blueberry products like jellies, jams, and syrup. Other regional favorites like Marshmallow Fluff, Humpty Dumpty potato chips, and B&M Baked Beans are also available. In addition to food items, they also have some cool gift items that can be found around the state, like lobsters and lighthouses, moose, lakes, and loons.

These items can be sent anytime of the year, so for more info check out

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