Roosevelt is known for his love for adventure and his courage. A young Roosevelt practiced both these traits and more at this special spot in Maine.

Topical Press Agency , Getty Images
Topical Press Agency , Getty Images

Before he led the country, young, college-aged Teddy Roosevelt visited a very wooded area of northern Maine near Island Falls in the 1870's. Here he stayed in the Sewell home, a home that is still standing and open for tours today.

While Roosevelt loved adventure and action he also enjoyed solitude and reading his bible. While spending time in this part of northern Maine he found a spot that he frequented to read his bible. He made the trip to this area 3 or 4 times according to a letter titled 'My debt to Maine'.

Today the spot is called Bible Point and it is honored by the Roosevelt Memorial Association and is listed as a State Historic Site. To visit the marked sight today click here. The hike in is overall an easy one and worth the walk!

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