A kiddie ride at the Bangor State Fair stopped suddenly in the middle of a cycle when the computer registered a problem.

There were 11 children and adults on the 'Rock'n Tug' ride at around 4:30 on Saturday when it shut itself down. The computer that monitors the ride's operations sensed a flat tire on a guide wheel that keeps the tugboat ride on a track and stopped the ride as a safety precaution.

E.J. Dean, president of Fiesta Shows, told the BDN that no one was hurt in the incident. The ride that mimics the feeling of being in a real boat has been used by the festival company for 12 years.

All of the rides at this year's Bangor State Fair were inspected by the State Fire Marshal's office and local inspectors before Friday's opening. The safety measures are standard procedure, but were given extra attention this year after an accident at the Ohio State Fair that killed an 18-year-old and injured several other passengers.

The Rock'n Tug will undergo more inspections after it's fixed and should be open today or tomorrow.

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