Maine is known for many things.

We’re known for our fresh lobster straight from the bay. We’re admired for our lighthouses scattered across the coast. We’re envied for our fields of blueberries galore…and we are home to what could possibly be the world’s fanciest McDonald’s.

Passerby not familiar with the infamous Freeport restaurant may not even see it for what it really is. Some simply drive by thinking it’s an old Victorian home, a quaint boutique, one of many Maine buildings part of a unique history.

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But what’s inside tells a whole other story.

You walk into the beautiful Victorian-era mansion and you’re immediately hit with… is that… could that be… the smell of french fries?


The classy structure is home to a far-less classy restaurant… McDonald’s.

The interior looks far from your average Micky D’s and when you’re standing in line you’re almost tempted to order a “Grand Mackworth” instead of a “Big Mac”.

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The juxtaposition of the building and the food is fantastic. McDonald’s is the poster child for consistency and this very Freeport restaurant defies that perfectly.

As explained in an article by Insider, McDonald's wanted a location in bustling Freeport but the harsh yellow golden arches would never pass the town's directive to keep the aesthetic very '1800s-vintage New England'. The town and the restaurant compromised with this select real estate and the fancy McDonald’s was born.

So, the next time your date wants an upscale dining experience, you know where to take them.

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