In a Facebook message from the Old Town Police Department on Tuesday

The Old Town Police Department took to Facebook to make people aware of a tool that is being used to combat law breakers, specifically for those that pass school buses.

Old Town Police made clear that Old Town buses have been newly outfitted with video cameras and have, in fact, busted people because of these new bus cameras.

Old Town PD also made mention a tactic they use to bust offenders when they follow school buses in unmarked vehicles.

Those caught breaking 29-A 2308: Overtaking and passing school buses, will be met with an arrestable offense.

Here's a solid post laying out the law.

29-A 2308- Overtaking and passing school buses
The operator of a vehicle on a way, in a parking area or on school property, on meeting or overtaking a school bus from either direction when the bus has stopped with its red lights flashing to receive or discharge passengers, shall stop the vehicle before reaching the school bus. The operator may not proceed until the school bus resumes motion or until signaled by the school bus operator to proceed.
PENALTY: the violation is a Class E crime (ARRESTABLE OFFENSE)
The Old Town Police Department takes these offenses very serious. Periodically we will follow school buses in unmarked vehicles to catch violators passing stopped school buses. The buses are now equipped with external video cameras and we have charged several people for the above violation because of these cameras.
If you see a school bus slowing down on the roadway, it's safe to assume that they are preparing to pick up or drop off a student. If you see yellow lights, prepare to stop. A child should be able to cross the road without having to worry about driver's disregarding these traffic signals.
We appreciate your cooperation in keeping children safe.

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