You can have the awesome adventure that a couple from New York did right here in Maine!

YouTubers named Magellan and Greyhound, are an adventure seeking couple who live on Long Island, just outside of New York City. They a have a fantastic goal that they have set for themselves, they plan to visit all 423 National Parks, by taking road trips in their Ram 1500 truck that they refer to as a "hotel."

With Covid-19 restrictions easing up a bit, and the summer season bringing the promise of beautiful days in the state of Maine, this video from the travel loving twosome documents 10 must-see spots when visiting the gorgeous Acadia National Park. Located on MDI, it is the largest island off of Maine, with a spacious 49,000 acres of coastline landscape.

Their recommendations include the sunrise at Cadillac Mountain(the first in the United States), Dorr Mountain, Somes Sound, Bubble Pond, Eagle Lake, Jordan Pond, Gorham Mountain, Pemetic Mountain, Ocean Path, and The Ovens of Acadia

They have also visited Baxter State Park, for a trip to Mt. Katahdin which is the northern end of the 2,190 mile long Appalachian Trail and the highest mountain in Maine. I myself made this hike about twenty years ago, and it is a very long and exhausting day, but it is so very worth it if you can hack the 5 mile climb.

Who knows where Magellan and Greyhound will explore next, but hats off to them for having a very cool and enjoyable goal to pursue together!

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