Cancer is often a very heavy subject for people to deal with. In particular, it can be especially difficult for children who have a loved ones with a Cancer diagnosis. Add to that the current state of the world, with Covid-19 looming over everyone's mind, and it can feel like a dark and lonely journey for most families.

The folks from the Breast Cancer Advisory Council at Northern Light Cancer Care know this, and want to help.

Their goal is to spread some sunshine, while also helping families dealing with a Breast Cancer diagnosis feel supported and connected. So they've created a sunflower initiative specifically for families affected by a Breast Cancer diagnosis.

It's a pretty simple concept: plant and grow a sunflower. And according to a recent press release, they'll even supply these families with the seedlings!

"To reserve sunflower seedlings for your family members, please pick them up at the Lafayette Family Cancer Institute on Tuesday, July 14th from 3-6PM or contact Terry Leahy at to set up a time."

Once they've started to grow, the council asks that folks take a picture of their family with the flowers and send it to them. Then they will compile a virtual garden for everyone to enjoy, from all the photos they receive.

Sunflowers are kind of hard to miss. So if there are a bunch of them around town, they're bound to bring someone a smile. The Breast Cancer Advisory Council at Northern Light Cancer Care aims to grow more than big, bright yellow blossoms. Their goal is to grow some hope with these seedlings, and spread that around, as well.

If you'd like more information, you can contact Council member Michelle Allen at

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