You Can't Believe Everything You See on The Internet

The internet is full of strange creatures. The users, yes, but also a lot of other things thanks to Photoshop. People can make themselves humanoids of perfection, homes, and landscapes can feature the strange and unusual, and you never know what kind of animal hybrid may pop up.

Scrolling my Facebook News Feed I was sure this odd-looking bird was Photoshopped until I realized that it was the Center for Wildlife in Cape Neddick, Maine that shared it.

Belted Kingfisher

According to their Facebook post, this poor little guy is a juvenile belted kingfisher and he's not doing so great after he either got separated from his parents or simply struggled to find food as he was very thin.

According to, belted kingfishers typically eat on small fish or frogs.

The diet makes sense considering you can usually find them hanging out by a lake or a river. You can recognize them by their call which is similar to a dolphin.

This little guy is in good care with the Center for Wildlife and will hopefully return to the wild soon. If you would like to help the Center for Wildlife on their mission you can donate on their website here.

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