Sometimes things in nature make you scratch your head and wonder "was that by accident or on purpose?"

I was scrolling through the MAINE Wildlife Facebook Page this morning, as I always do--because wildlife is cool--and I had to do a double-take when I came across this set of pictures.

At first glance I thought:

"That's a pretty neat-looking alien head they've got up there on that garage. I wonder how they hung it up there. For that matter, I wonder what this picture is on the Wildlife page in the first place?"

Kseniia LukianÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂhikova
Kseniia LukianÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂhikova

Then I took a closer look.

That's not an alien head Halloween decoration on the side of that garage. That's a giant wasp's nest!

I'm not sure what's more terrifying, a giant fake alien head or a giant real wasp's nest full of potentially stinging insects?

Then I wondered if this was a "Charlotte's Web" scenario in which these wasps, instead of spelling out messages in a web, were assembling images of what alien life forms actually look like, to warn us of their existence?!

(Don't judge me, I'm running on little sleep and coffee--so these are the rabbit holes my mind wanders down. Also--giant wasp nests are unnerving and jarring!)

Whether on purpose or accidentally, these wasps have managed a double-whammy of terror in the most artful placement of their papery home. I can only imagine what the nest looked like at night, with the lights on.

Two words: Nightmare fuel.

Have you ever come across anything in Nature that resembles something else?

If you have, please share!

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