Picture it... Salty waves crashing against rocky shores as you plow through a classic lobster roll with just the right amount of mayo and butter griddled hot dog roll. That's the scene at The Lobster Shack in Cape Elizabeth.

There is no view like the one at The Lobster Shack at Two Lights State Park. After ordering your lobster roll, fried clams, and whoopie pies, take your tray outside to sit at one of the red picnic tables atop the rocky shore of the Atlantic as the crashing waves provide your dinner entertainment.

An east coast institution, an establishment without equal when it comes to frying the bounty of the Atlantic, the Lobster Shack is one of my favorite spots in Maine.

- Yelp.com Reviewer Seth K.

We drove to Cape Elizabeth to look at the lighthouses and wanted to eat here afterwards.  It was rainy and really foggy, so it was cool to see the lighthouses in that environment.  This place was right on the water, so you can eat your food outdoors facing the ocean.

- Yelp.com Reviewer Vinson T.

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