Not only is this place unbelievably beautiful, but it also has a pub, patio, large yard and 12 bedrooms!

Ever wanted to own your own Bed and Breakfast on the Maine coast? Now is the perfect chance to grab a great sea captain mansion with everything you need to run the perfect Maine B&B. Take a look through the photos above from Southby International Reality of the breathtaking interior and the amazing basement pub!

The mansion is located on busy US RT 1 in Searsport and is currently used as The Homeport Inn B&B with the Mermaid pub in the back/ basement. There is a great patio for guests or pub use as well as a large dining room. One of our favorite rooms is the library! It looks like something from an old movie!

This property is 1.45 acres with waterfront access with plenty of parking. Luckily some of the guests don't take up any parking space. The inn, along with many of the other nearby sea captain's homes, is rumored to be haunted. While the spirits here seem to be harmless, they do make themselves known. When local ghost hunting group, The East Coast Ghost Trackers, brought their equipment to the inn about 5 years ago they captured strange orbs, disembodied voices, and even a mirror moving on its own.

According to WGME Portland the current owners are not afraid of the spirits and are not selling the property because of them.

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