Goodwill of Northern New England is putting it out loud and clear, thanks for your donations but, please, keep your trash.

We have been bombarded by news stories across Maine of Goodwill, particularly from our very own Goodwill of Northern New England, begging people to not drop off items that would be deemed trash.

Usually, we drop off things that are still useable but, ready for us to let go of. The Facebook page for Goodwill's Northern New England division shares a picture in their post of what an undesirable donation is versus what a helpful donation is, comparing a well worn and unsellable computer chair versus a solid sitting chair missing only a roller for one of it's legs.  Actually, that tan chair would look pretty good in my sitting room.

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Why are we all of a sudden hearing about these trash dumps now? Apparently, receiving a large amount of more trash than treasures has become a big problem for this 501c3 nonprofit recently.

Perhaps it's because of the time spent cleaning the house during the pandemic combined with spring cleaning that has led to a sudden rise of trash making its way to our local Goodwills.

To do goodwill for our Goodwills and other places that take donations, we've compiled a list of things to not include in your Goodwill donation.  This will help these businesses run less costly and get trash where it belongs.


  • broken chairs
  • incomplete game sets
  • banana skins
  • used paint cans
  • shredded dog toys
  • ripped books
  • single socks
  • moldy sofas
  • cracked coffee cups
  • rusty desks
  • old carpet
  • used toothbrushes
  • mattresses

Think of it like this: If it shames or saddens you to have something, nobody else probably wants it either.

Actually, check out the Goodwill of Northern New England's website for the list of items they will and won't accept so you can save everybody a little time and aggravation while being respectful and appreciative of the businesses that are willing to take your old stuff.

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