It's been 37 years since E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial came out in theaters. And just in time for Christmas, the cable provider Xfinity has given fans of the Spielberg flick a little taste of what a "holiday reunion" between E.T. and Elliott might be like...and it's awesome!

In very much the same way last year's "Home Alone" Google ad starring Macualay Culkin gave fans of that franchise a look at what life for Kevin McCallister would be like if he was all grown up, this new Xfinity ad, starring Henry Thomas, does a bit of the same.

E.T. comes home for the holidays, meets Elliott's wife and kids, has some laughs and then reveals he has a family of his own now, and wants to get back to them. The culmination of the four minute ad has Elliott's kids recreating the iconic flying bike scene from the original E.T. movie.

All in all, when ad like this come out, with the original stars at the help, and done well, they are little holiday treats because of the nostalgia they create, and the almost closure they provide.

See for yourself.

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