I was just reading on Facebook that Portland already got their big old tree. But they also have a gignatic tree lighting ceremony on Black Friday. But here in Bangor, our holiday tree is scheduled to arrive in West Market Square on Tuesday, Dec. 3. The gorgeous 30+ foot balsam fir was donated locally by Dan Sprague.

The tree will be lit on Saturday, December 7 at the end of the Rotary Club of Bangor's Festival of Lights Parade. There's always a great crowd of people downtown to enjoy the lighting, and it's a great way to wrap up all the festivities. The annual holiday parade begins at 4:30 p.m. and makes its way through Downtown Bangor.

Plus, the downtown should be looking particularly elegant. A few weeks back, a bunch of volunteers with the Downtown Bangor organization, wrapped and decorated all the lamp posts. So Bangor should definitely be rolling in the holiday spirit!

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