Soooo many new tunes are on the Z this week!

"Come & Go" is an awesome collaboration from Juice Wrld and Marshmello. It's the fourth single from Juice Wrld's posthumous third studio album, "Legends Never Die".

Back on December 8th of last year, Juice Wrld was aboard a private Gulfstream jet flying from Los Angeles to Chicago, where law enforcement officers were waiting for the jet to arrive, as they had been notified by federal agents while the flight was en route that the jet was suspected to be carrying guns and drugs.Several members of his management team aboard the flight attested that he had taken several unknown pills, including allegedly swallowing multiple Percocet pills in an attempt to hide them while police were on board the plane searching the luggage. Two doses of the emergency medication Narcan were administered as an opioid overdose was suspected. He was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Miley Cyrus is back with a very retro, almost disco sounding new single called "Midnight Sky". She will return to perform on the MTV VMA Awards show on August 30th! The video for this track has racked up an amazing 28 million views in just four short days.

Avenue Beat are not big fans of the year 2020 (and who could blame them) They get their angst out in the song "F2020" You can probably figure out what that means.

"Whats Poppin" from rapper Jack Harlow, has reached the top 10 in in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and is now making it's way up the US charts

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