Two superstar artisats and a blast from the past are new this week on the Z!

Justin Bieber raises awareness and money for the non-profit organization Alexandria House in the new music video for his new single, “Intentions.”

The video features the stories of three women who used Alexandria House in order to get back on their feet. Alexandria House helps less fortunate families move into permanent housing. Bieber launched the “Intentions” fund with a $200,000 donation

Bieber's new album drops this Friday.

Khalid had a great year in 2019, racking up three big hit songs, he's back with Disclosure with new track "Know Your Worth"

It's been a looooog time since we've heard new music from Black Eyed Peas, they team up with Jay Balvin on "RITMO", which is featured in the movie "Bad Boys For Life" and features a sample from the classic 90's dance hit "Rhythm of the Night" by the group Corona.

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